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We provide perfect it solutions & technology for any startups.

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day going forward, a new normal that has evolved from operational X is on the runway.

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day going forward.

Towards Further Growth
Understanding that the world is changing and we are at the cusp of a major shift, the digital transformation in data centers & cloud seems inevitable. Our readiness for this change to drive this transformation alongside our customers using trending technologies is a major part of our internal transformation. In September 2015, we outlined a long-term management vision targeted at the fiscal year ending June 2020. To achieve the growth target we expect our operating environment to change more than ever. That is why we named this vision Change 2020. There are three main themes for this vision:
1. Transforming our business model
2. Further improving the profitability of our international operations
3. Increasing our geographic footprint Taking these themes forward we are laying the ground for all business divisions to achieve continued growth in any market environment.


Amran Ahmad

Vice President Country Head Bangladesh

Najam. H .Mian

President & CEO

Rehan Sherwani

Vice President - Sales & Operation Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Riaz Bashir

Vice President - Infrastructure Sales

Naveed Khan

Vice President Cluster Head Operations Gulf & Bangladesh

Nasir Mehmood

Vice President - Design & Mechanical Technology

Imran Baig

Vice President - Sales & Operation North Pakistan

Hakan Naimoglu

Executive Vice President Operations Head Turkey & CIS

Hasan Qasim

Vice President - Sales South

Ahmad Faraz

Vice President - Software Technology Group

Waqas Hafeez

Sr. Vice President Project Operations


At CNS, We set high standards of integrity for our people at all levels and consistently strive to meet them. CNS has always adopted a zero-tolerance policy toward discrimination and all forms of unlawful harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment.  his zero tolerance policy means that no form of unlawful discriminatory or harassing conduct by or  towards any employee, member, vendor, or other person in our workplace or jobsites will be tolerated specially towards female staff. Our sound business ethics and practices help in evolution of a strong, innovative and collaborative culture, which is committed to ethical practices, accountability at all levels and transparency. We are guided by established international standards of corporate governance and ethics. Our board is committed to enforcing governance and ethical practices which is the very foundation of our approach to corporate governance.


CNS School System

Under CNS Foundation.
CNS Foundation is a not for profit organization on a mission to provide a quality education to
deserving children. We believe this initiative will change a child’s destiny who will play a vital role in
society development.

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