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Smart Buildings

Innovative Building Management, Power Management Systems and Building Control solutions designed by CNS and manufactured by our technology partners provide a strong foundation for intelligent buildings that inspire occupant productivity and deliver optimal energy and operational efficiency.

Industrial automation

Automation and control products manufactured by our technology partners and solutions designed, developed and implemented by CNS cover the requirements of applications from simple machines to complex process systems.

Security & surveillance

Security and Surveillance solutions designed by CNS are uniquely suited to deliver video security solutions for today’s applications by using the industry’s broadest offering of IP-based video security systems.


CNS is a world-class provider of HVAC solutions. Our core business is the designing HVAC systems, supply, installation and commissioning and undertake post sales service and maintenance of high integrity HVAC systems and equipment.


As a full service engineering firm, CNS offers an experienced and cohesive MEP team with engineers and design technicians committed to providing quality specialized engineering services ensuring projects are on time and within budget.

Energy efficient buildings are vital to sustainability.

In the coming decades, our planet will be a very different place.
By 2050, there will be an additional 3 billion people on Earth and 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities.

While many things about the future remain unclear, one thing is certain: more people in urban areas means an increased demand for new buildings. And unless we change the incredibly inefficient nature of today’s buildings, it means an unprecedented increase in energy use. It’s a ticking time bomb.

The fact is we can no longer ignore the 800-pound gorilla in the room – our inefficient buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy and are responsible for nearly the same amount of emitted carbon – more than in the transportation or industrial sectors.

The good news is that the opportunity exists to drastically reduce energy use in buildings in the next 40 years. All this is doable, in an efficient market, and we already have the technology solutions available that can reduce energy in buildings by at least 50%, possibly as much as 80%.

— The Guardian —

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Successfully designed and implemented hundreds of projects for different industry verticals using numerous technologies over the last 20 years.

Over 500 technology experts covering 10+ countries.

Technical expertise, capabilities and certifications spanning multiple vendors including Cisco, Microsoft Oracle, Schneider Electric.

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