Data Center Infrastructure

Shell & Core, Data Centre Design, Operational Standards

Data Centre Infrastructure

Today, most operators and data center owner adopt a scale-able approach for data center design/build the construction of the facility (shell, core and MEP infrastructure) to be delivered in increments of as many KW as needed and planned approach allows to scale upward in proportion to the end user demand.

Data Center Design and Implementation should conform to Best Practices and industry standards. These standard covers the major aspects of planning, design, construction, and commissioning of the MEP building trades, as well as fire protection, IT, and maintenance.

There are also many operational standards to choose from. These standards will also vary based on the nature of the business and include guidelines associated with detailed operations and maintenance procedures for all of the equipment in the data center.

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Our integrated working positions are the operators’ sixth sense – our core competence lies within the control centre.

We have the capability to deliver highly complex control center integrations, based on our long- lasting domain experience.

We are integrate many different legacy and IP CCTV networks from various suppliers without disturbing the 24/7 operations. We are able to implement near real time event monitoring and tagging within large amount of video data, using advanced methods of analysis and detection .

CNS Team Follows Best Practice Program


In order to establish the network requirements of the data center in order that the deployment is Consistent with current needs.


Ensuring that ‘on-the-ground’ decisions reflect the objectives established through planning, through mapping the requirement onto the actual data center using the most suitable network topology design


Making the correct choice of equipment for the network in terms of density, speed, reliability, efficiency, service and support, return on investment etc.


Since a number of the problems and inefficiencies associated with cabling in the data centers can be traced back to poor installation practices


Since any data center system is only as good as its management and operation, particularly when it needs to bridge a period of significant technological change.