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Integrated Command and Control solutions enhance incident management and resolution by automating workflows and data retrieval, so you stay focused on the information at hand to act with speed and decisiveness.
Empower your citizens with new ways to reach emergency response teams during an emergency, even when voice calling is not an option.

Control rooms

In the year 1800, there were 1 billion people on this planet, of which 3% lived in urban areas. Today, only 200 years later, there are 7 billion earthlings. Half of these are city dwellers. It’s obvious that such an explosive growth in population has its consequences for the infrastructure. The only way to cope with these challenges, is by building smarter systems.

The right perspective

Our networked visualization system takes care of the real-time distribution of information. Any amount of data can be transferred from any location, over any distance, to be displayed on any screen. The system’s enormous flexibility even allows sharing of information over separate private networks, so that for example the police and the hospitals can share the information they want in a safe way. This encourages collaboration of different departments and public services, and adds to total system intelligence.

Integrated Communications Control Systems (ICCS)

  • Voice Communication Systems – from small/medium Control Rooms (2-3 operators) up to largest Control Rooms (500+ operators)
  • Fully Integrated Telephone-, (Analogue, PCM and IP), Radio- (Analogue and TETRA) and Data-Access
  • Synchronized Voice & Data logging
  • Seamless CCTV Integration
  • Fully transparent integration via networks


Our integrated working positions are the operators’ sixth sense – our core competence lies within the control centre

We have the capability to deliver highly complex control center integrations, based on our long-lasting domain experience

We are integrate many different legacy and IP CCTV networks from various suppliers without disturbing the 24/7 operations

With the arrival of December, the number of hyper scale data centers around the world has reached 300 facilities, according to a report from Synergy Research.

The number was nudged upwards with the recent opening of new server farms by Amazon, Google and Alibaba. US still hosts more hyper scale data centers than any other country, being responsible for 135 individual sites or 45 percent of the total 300 hyper scales.

The term ‘hyper scale’ refers not just to the size of a data center, but also its network architecture and the approach to hardware.

“Hyper scale growth goes on unabated and we are forecasting that hyper scale operators will pass the 400 data center mark by the end of 2018,” said John Dinsdale, a chief analyst and research director at Synergy Research Group.

— Datacenter Dynamics —

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