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Enterprise Data Network

You can count on for enterprise network solution and leverage your organization with our top of the line technology offerings. To make most of your technology investments with our Enterprise network solutions and services.

System & servers

As businesses evolve with technology at lightening pace, with Big Data and Cloud technologies becoming an essential part of this evolution, your ICT infrastructure must have a faster approach to change. To help you through such transformations…

Mobility & End User Computing

In today’s world end use computing is no more about hardware. It is about the experience and practical challenges you are facing in daily life. End user computing transforms technology experience into serviceability and accessibility.


We understand that advance businesses are becoming increasingly content hungry, which triggers a huge requirement for large-scale centralized storage that is manageable, protected and is capable of being stored properly.

Enterprise Network Security

Network Security and Cybersecurity has become a central facet of enterprise security strategy. Within this realm, CNS offers security hardening solutions where CNS team start from audit by going deep down in trenches and then installing right appliance and solution required.

Unified Communication & collaboration

We live in a world of endless possibilities. Communication and collaboration solutions plays a major role in driving transformation of businesses from conventional to futuristic connected ways which we are only beginning to recognize now.

Contact center

How well your contact center agents communicate with customers is an important differentiation for your business. It’s no longer just about having call centre services that answer and route your incoming calls efficiently.

Cloud and Big Data are driving a paradigm shift in application infrastructure with respect to how the applications are deployed and scaled out. Technologies like Hadoop and delivery models or approaches like SaaS, DevOps, and public/private/hybrid cloud models are changing the way IT must move, add, and change application environments including their network, compute, and storage configurations in large enterprise data centers, whether on-premise or hosted. IT must be ready to deploy entire application environments instantly and dynamically – and then modify or remove them just as quickly. Traditional silo-based models of infrastructure, networks, and applications do not even come close to supporting such environments and applications.

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