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How well your contact center agents communicate with customers is an important differentiator for your business. It’s no longer just about having call centre services that answer and route your incoming calls efficiently. It’s about a complete customer experience management that drives higher revenues.

CNS believe that your contact center platform should enable your organization to be agile in the way you interact with customers, should deliver a truly connected customer journey across all types of interactions and should be easy to deploy and intuitive to use.

Our solutions and services will help you optimise your contact centre’s performance and capabilities by looking at:

  • Channel and enterprise integration – connecting technology platforms and communication channels into one solution that enables you to deliver consistent customer experiences across channels, while allowing your customer the choice of channel that best suits its needs.
  • Workforce optimisation – maximising your agents’ effectiveness by providing the business tools that enables quality and performance management, training, forecasting, scheduling and adherence, to deliver exceptional customer experiences

Cloud and Big Data are driving a paradigm shift in application infrastructure with respect to how the applications are deployed and scaled out. Technologies like Hadoop and delivery models or approaches like SaaS, DevOps, and public/private/hybrid cloud models are changing the way IT must move, add, and change application environments including their network, compute, and storage configurations in large enterprise data centers, whether on-premise or hosted. IT must be ready to deploy entire application environments instantly and dynamically – and then modify or remove them just as quickly. Traditional silo-based models of infrastructure, networks, and applications do not even come close to supporting such environments and applications.

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