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Mobility & End User Computing

In today’s world end use computing is no more about hardware. It is about the experience and practical challenges you are facing in daily life. End user computing transforms technology experience into serviceability and accessibility. In the new client computing environment, end users want to stay connected and have access to the best networks

Client Compute Offering

Where does the client computing environment start and end in your organisation? How will a user-centric environment affect your IT infrastructure, security, compliance and governance?

We were there at the beginning of the client computing evolution – we understand where it came from and how it’s developed. So we can take our experience and expertise in desktop deployment and management into the new clientcomputing environment, offering support in:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Our VDI solution offerings provide a range of virtualization software and delivery models to improve upon the limitations of distributed client computing. By using VDI, you can move workloads from PCs and other devices to data center servers, creating well-managed virtual clients, with applications and client operating environments hosted on servers and storage in the data center. For end users, this means they can access their desktop from any location, without being tied to a single client device.

Enterprise Mobility

Becoming a mobile-enabled organisation will affect your entire IT infrastructure – from individual software applications to overall management and monitoring. It’s not a simple process, yet it promises improved productivity, greater efficiency and more responsive customer interaction.
CNS views mobility as a journey that begins with addressing your immediate mobility needs, improving visibility and increasing control.

Wireless Mobility Solution

Our Wireless Mobility solution gives you flexibility to use technology on the go. Also allows you to access all network application and services on your mobile and portable devices with security and reliability. Our Wireless network solution with the capability seamless integration and self-healing. Our wireless mobility solution gives you experience of optimised, secure, personalised, identify rouge Devices, location based and wireless management solution.

Cloud and Big Data are driving a paradigm shift in application infrastructure with respect to how the applications are deployed and scaled out. Technologies like Hadoop and delivery models or approaches like SaaS, DevOps, and public/private/hybrid cloud models are changing the way IT must move, add, and change application environments including their network, compute, and storage configurations in large enterprise data centers, whether on-premise or hosted. IT must be ready to deploy entire application environments instantly and dynamically – and then modify or remove them just as quickly. Traditional silo-based models of infrastructure, networks, and applications do not even come close to supporting such environments and applications.

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