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Smart Cities

Technology is empowering cities to respond quickly to demographic shifts. Smarter infrastructure and applications will make a difference and will enrich people’s lives. Responsive, flexible technology that works for humanity is what makes smart cities “smart”, creating a safer and sustainable environment.

Smart Transport

Improving mobility and decreasing traffic congestion are some of the biggest challenges faced by smart cities today. Congestion impacts the daily lives of commuters, as well as businesses and visitors to the city. To meet this challenge many city planners are looking to smart transport solutions to reduce congestion as well as to optimize the use of city public transport.

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Smart Environment

Environmental change is affecting cities and their inhabitants more regularly. This brings new challenges for city planners, such as the need to improve air and water quality, and control noise pollution to create a healthy and enjoyable environment for city inhabitants. In addition, the consequences of extreme weather on a city, such as flooding caused by typhoons or heavy snowfalls needs to be well managed to prevent adverse impacts to a cities citizens and businesses.

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Smart Safety

Given the critical importance of security in cities, innovations in the IoT are increasingly improving the safety of city inhabitants. New services such as remotely connected CCTV and automated incident detection allow a quicker response to threats. IoT led crowd management solutions help protect city inhabitants in busy, crowded areas. Smart street lighting, which helps to lower crime rates and improve driving conditions, is another example of the measures city planners are taking to improve people’s safety.

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Smart Utilities

Utilities are changing dramatically to both deal with new energy sources and improve the relationship with their customers. The introduction of smart grids, smart meters and new ways of generating and transporting energy are being driven by the IoT. Smart water and electricity monitoring can help save money by giving people more control over their home utilities, while efficient refuse management will help to keep cities cleaner.

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Smart Health

The dense population of cities stresses the provision of healthcare services and can speed up the spread of disease. The IoT can improve the monitoring of the health of a city’s population whilst giving emergency services new tools to improve their response times to emergencies. New solutions can help reduce overcrowding in hospitals and healthcare institutions, and improve the lifestyle of people with disabilities and chronic diseases. Furthermore, health providers and city managers are looking for ways to improve preventative measures such as cleanliness and reduce costs and enhance efficiency of an increasing healthcare burden.

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Smart Communities

More emphasis on citizen engagement is helping cities become smarter. This approach is about empowering city inhabitants to identify problems which affect them directly, and become part of the solution in fixing these. Examples of this include the coordination of street maintenance, creating user friendly building access for disabled people, and arranging for deliveries to take place within set times. Smart city solutions allow for a more targeted approach to solving problems and helps build up strong, supportive communities within cities.

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Smart Tourism & Entertainment

Tourism is beneficial to cities as it contributes to the economy, increases employment levels and creates a broad customer base for city businesses, such as retail and restaurants. At the same time, as visitor numbers grow, effective crowd management services are needed in areas such as public transportation and popular tourist attractions. Within the entertainment industry, large events, such as music festivals and sporting matches, can all benefit from new technologies such as smart ticketing and security services.

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Smart Commerce

Cities need to continuously stimulate innovation and attract new workers and businesses in order to grow and be successful. Smart cities enable local businesses to thrive and citizens to be engaged by them in innovative new ways, increasing both economic outcomes and citizen satisfaction. Business zones can be managed appropriately by the city, with deliveries and other services coordinated with the businesses using them. Retail zones can be optimized for shoppers to increase footfall and create new revenue opportunities. Additionally, as e-commerce and home deliveries increase, the management of logistics and deliveries around the city is becoming increasingly important.

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Cities are challenged by rapid population growth, high resident expectations and, frequently, severe budget constraints. To keep residents happy while attracting jobs and investors, future cities will need to become smarter, optimizing technology to offer more efficient, sustainable, and livable environments.

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