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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Put power of data in your business decisions, empower your people with access to the business intelligence and data analytics tools they need to make faster, more informed decisions. Use our BI tools to eliminate guesswork, monitor key metrics, and gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

Our services for Business Intelligence revolve around the objective of serving customers make more informed, data driven decisions. We strive to complement customers’ experience and decision making capabilities with Insights from their data to significantly improve organizational efficiency and positively impact their bottom line. Business Intelilgence is all about visually appealing, information revealing infographics, brought forth after pulling in revelant data from underneath systems scattered across an enterprise.

Applying Business Domain knowledge via our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the verticals we operate in, our engagement starts with a mutual agreement with client executives around what KPIs are required in the shape of infographics. Data for these KPIs is extracted through ETL scripted by our Data Management resources, and pulled onto the Data Models designed by our Architects.

CNS Has made significant investment in building its own Datawarehouse & Business Intelligence Solution – FORIS.

With our own development team, we create a value for our customers by addressing their specific needs and coming up with the best and customized output. Ours is not a generic BI tool that is platform or industry specific. For us EACH Single customer deserves a SPECIFIC solution and output when it comes to Business Intelligence.

Our sole purpose being helping convert Data to valuable Business Insights, we take our customers from basic description of data to prediction of where they are headed,

and eventually prescribing what should be done for even better results. It is pertinent to mention that Analytics in general, and Business Intelligence in particular, are journeys for the clients – programs rather than projects we help our customers embark upon and target to positively impact the bottom line.

Gartner calls them the “Nexus of Forces.” IDC says they constitute the “3rd Platform” for innovation and growth. No matter how you define it, cloud, social, mobile, and big data are changing the competitive dynamics of the global economy and creating significant value for companies that know how to create business models leveraging these technologies.

“By 2018, one third of the top 20 market-share leaders will be significantly disrupted by new competitors that use the 3rd platform to create new services and business models.”

—IDC Predictions 2014

According to new research by Deloitte and Open Matters, the shift to digitally enabled business models is also influencing shareholder valuation strategies. Investors are paying more for companies with business models that embrace and emphasize “intangible assets”—customer, human, and intellectual property—and leverage the wisdom of crowds to co-create products and services.


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