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Unified Threat Management

The threat landscape is changing. From Virus to Malware to Ransom-ware, customers are consistently faced with the challenge of proactively securing their critical data and information.

Simple Network based security measures are no more providing the much needed capabilities to intelligently identify and counter the latest sophisticated threats targeting the networks of today.

One of the reasons is the sprawl of end points being used for corporate access in present age.

According to a study, an average corporate employee is using 3-4 different end points; office laptop, personal laptop, tablet, smart phone etc, to access corporate information.

This has created a need to rethink the traditional security models and transform them from an end-point perspective to a user perspective.

Only this can help the Security teams to proactively manage the threat landscape.

CNS is the leading partner of Trend Micro providing end to end security management services to its customers, including End Point Security, Messaging Security,

CNS can help customers maintain a single glass of pane to implement and monitor the end to end security environment of the company.

We can also help in migrating from silos based security solutions with no unified management capability to a unified threat management environment.

Gartner calls them the “Nexus of Forces.” IDC says they constitute the “3rd Platform” for innovation and growth. No matter how you define it, cloud, social, mobile, and big data are changing the competitive dynamics of the global economy and creating significant value for companies that know how to create business models leveraging these technologies.

“By 2018, one third of the top 20 market-share leaders will be significantly disrupted by new competitors that use the 3rd platform to create new services and business models.”

—IDC Predictions 2014

According to new research by Deloitte and Open Matters, the shift to digitally enabled business models is also influencing shareholder valuation strategies. Investors are paying more for companies with business models that embrace and emphasize “intangible assets”—customer, human, and intellectual property—and leverage the wisdom of crowds to co-create products and services.


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