Information Security

What we offer

Information Security

Harden your defenses as attacks have become more sophisticated and continue to evolve, static technologies can’t keep up, and solutions operating in silos will fragment your defenses. It takes intelligence and precision to stop cyber-attacks and unknown threats.

Security Services

We conduct security audit or gap analysis for you to get an external view of your security landscape against persistent and sophisticated attached that threaten to breach your network. The audit which included penetration testing is conducted against international benchmarks involving all layer of yiur infrastructure from application to network to security appliances and endpoints.

Network Protection

Protect your entire network with next-generation network security solutions that intelligently recognize even unknown threats and adapt to prevent them in real time. Protect your entire network from known and unknown threats by using behavioral analysis and the latest threat intelligence. Reduce your exposure to advanced malware by increasing visibility and control over application and user behavior.

Endpoint Security

Assess vulnerabilities, and respond to the threat within minutes across all endpoints – on and off the corporate network. CNS provides comprehensive endpoint security solutions to detect and stop advanced threats before damage is caused.

Security Analytics

Security intelligence with right analytics can help you detect and prioritize the threats that pose the
greatest risk to your business and require immediate attention. Let CNS help you find threats faster,
identify vulnerabilities, perform forensic analysis, manage risks, automate compliance, and respond to incidents.

At CNS we deliver solutions that deliver core functionality to prevent, detect and respond to attacks, including security analytics, threat hunting, incident response, and threat intelligence with network and endpoint protection.